Upgrade Menu

Like i say on the FAQ you can upgrade the girl you want in the menu.

N to R = 2 duplicate N

R to SR = 2 duplicate R + random card R

SR to SSR = 1 duplicate SR + random card SR

SSR to UR = 1 duplicate SSR + random card SSR

It's same for the girl with ( + ) a side of the name

PS : If you're girl are an Main girl and not a Generic, you need to put another Main girl in the random slot !

For an Generic girl you can put whatever you want

For loocking if the character is an main girl and if you play in R-18, just look on the H-scene zone and all girl in it are Main Girl

Or simply put her as adjudant (or secretary in Kancolle term) then poke her in the main menu. if the expression change, it's an main girl

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