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About Gems ShopEdit

You can recieve those gems, by selling non generic girl (they have 8 girl as exception !)

--> Aretto / Noin / Lilium / Adelite / Helena / Kaizer / Brigitte / Lisette (if those main girl have a + a side of the name she can give stone !)

When you sold a R girl premium, she give you 3 gems stones ! If you upgrade them she will give more !

For main girlEdit

normal SR+ = 3 Gems stone

normal SSR+ = 4 Gems stone

normal UR+ = 5 Gems stone

For Premium GirlEdit

premium R = 3 Gems stone

premium SR = 10 Gems stone

premium SSR = 22 Gems stone

premium UR = 47 Gems stone

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