Survival Tower Menu


Limit per Day = 2

Reset : Midnight 24.00 (JST)

Available Extermination Mission : 1, 2, 3

Important Edit

Clicking on escape or returning to home screen will result in consume of limit count by 1

  1. Units can be exchanged and swapped in-between battles, if needed.
  2. Units Health and Blessing meter will not be recovered after each battle.
  3. Teams can be changed after each battle.
  4. If a team is defeated, different team can used but defeated team cannot be used again.
  5. If no more team can be selected, user will be returned to the home screen and the limit count will be consumed.
  6. Any excess drops from wave will be transferred to the storage.

​Number of StageEdit

Extermination 1 : 4 stages

Extermination 2 : 6 stages

Extermination 3 : 10 stages


Each stage have a chance of dropping items, just like dungeon and they are not guaranteed drops. (listed below, or you can see them right in the preparation menu before each stage)

Extermination 1 :Edit

Gift Present

EXPx7 Character

5000 silver coin

Equipment Box I, II, III, III

Extermination 2 :Edit

Equipment Box

AP potion

Extermination 3 :Edit


SSR weapon Staff

EXPx7 for equipment

Scroll Rare Gacha Ticket

Equipment Box