Sally Menu

Sally Menu

To start missions, you must hit the sally icon [A]. This brings you to the world map, where you may select missions [B].

On the world map you may switch between nations, event and special mission groups using the << and >> arrows.

Use the < and > arrows to select between missions. To enter a mission, click directly on the mission's map location.

Missions require AP to start. These will regenerate gradually over time, or may be increased by imbibing AP potions.

Mission often award a one-time bonus for completion in addition to normal silver and item rewards.

Recovery Dungeon :

Mission Daily menu

1 : Gift box Present

2 : [EXP7] Box

3 : N Girl Mage, Box Gift Present, Equipement Box IV

4 : N Girl, Gift Box Present, Equipement Box II

5 : [EXP1] Box

6 : [EXP3] Box

7 : 500 Silver Box

8 : 500 Silver Box

9 : 500 Silver Box