Girls StatsEdit

Raven stat

HP : Healt Point. The unit will removed from the battle, if this point reached 0
攻撃 : Attack Power
防御 : Defend Power
攻撃距離 : Attack Distance (Does not increase upon lvl up)
攻撃速度 : Attack Speed
移動 : Movement Speed (Does not increase upon lvl up)
経験値 : Experience Point
好感度 : Love meter unlocking H-Scene, add bonus to stat
加護 : Blessing.
Decreasing after battle. Each battle, unit status is increased or decreased. Can be replenished at Church or when the unit leveled up 

Fatigue Stat Up/down
100% +20%
50%~90% +15%
20%~49% +10%
1%~19% +5%
0% +0%

Skills Edit

Unit skills

Rank R or higher girls has a skill which activated by consuming SP. When the rank rises, the skill migth increase the damage or debuffing enemy

Captain skills :

Rank SR or higher girls has a captain skills, which this skill gonna affect entire troops by adding bonus stat that written there. Please refer to Girls Stat above to determine, which stat that added to the troops