Chapter 1 : EP 1Edit

You Whaat!? Y-You can't pay the retainer? Unbelievable...
Narrator it's been 3 month since you lose your teacher, Rosa. And beginning life as a mercenary. This is the fourth unpaid retainer this month. You're starting the think you're not cut out for this work.
Narrator Currently, your group only contains one other member, Lilium, but even that's becoming difficult to support. You were just a kid who followed Rosa around before, so perhaps is is to be expected.
Narrator Basically, a group with only just 2 people is lonely. without joining Sandica, the so-called organization of mercenaries, you're at the lvl of freelancer.
Narrator But... To do with this without registering with Sandica requires real connections and ability. You wonder if the two of you actually have that.
You Haaaaahhh....
Don't sigh like thatm, it's depressing. You're not a teenage girl.
You Shut Up...
Narrator You look unconcerned, like it's someone else we're talking about...
You Listen, you and i are in the same boat. Try and take this more seriously.
Humpf ! I don't remember getting on same boat with you. You survived without me stepping this far. this is just another example.
You This isn't one... But, Hmmm? What ?
Narrator As you having unproductive conversation, what look like a messenger pigeon drop a scroll right in front of you.
You Hey, you dropped this... You don't know what i'm saying anyway...
Narrator As you look, The pigeon-like thing make a U-turn and flies away
You Hmmm What's this, a letter addressed to me?
Narrator There's no card attached, but you open the scroll with hope in your heart...

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