U20160113 022324

==Included in this update :==

- New limited time gatcha

- New unit added to silver gatcha

- 200,000 members milestone campaign 3 begins

- New limited event "Sleeping Lion's Treasure"

- New Player Support Package 3

- Main story chapter 12 added Limited Event "Sleeping Guardian Lion's Treasure": (Until 21st Jan)

- By clearing one of the 4 stages (of varying difficulties), you may obtain "Lion's Tail"

- Harder stages have more chances of dropping lion tails

- Exchange lion tails in the event tab in the shop

- The last 2 difficulties have a chance to drop the UR equipment "Void Shield"

- The "Nemeon Box" worth 7 lion tails gives a random item when opened

- Daily achievement for clearing any difficulty above the 1st one added (25 AP Potion reward), as well as defeating 20 "Little Nemeon" lions (25 AP Potion + Fruit Basket reward)

==Gatcha :==

- New Limited Time Gatcha featuring chance up rates on new units "El" and "Velka" (14th Jan ~ 28th Jan)

- El is only available as UR+. She does currently not have SSR+, SSR, SR, etc.

- After the limited time period, El+, Velka+ and Velka will be added to the platinum gatcha

- However, when El+ is added to platinum gatcha, instead of retaining UR+ she will instead be made SSR+. (Therefore, you would need to use a rank up ticket to get her to UR+ unless they re-introduce or you roll her twice.) - New unit added to silver gatcha "Suzette"

==New Player Support Package 3 : ==

(14th Jan ~ 25th Feb)

- Players who register for the game during this period will receive a support package containing SSR Ima, 25 AP Potion*10, equipment box 1*10, and gift box*10.

- Collect your support package by clicking the serial code option in the menu, and clicking the retrieval button at the bottom.

==Main story :==

- Main story chapter 12 has been added

- You can get a platinum ticket by clearing this chapter, but no new girls.

== Miscellaneous :==

- UI changes, including more unit sorting options in unit screens (base girls, exp units, and unique)

- Mousing over a girl in the unit screens no longer gives a status summary pop up

==Bug Fixes :==

- Fixed a bug where during extermination/marathon, HP of the enemies would carry over to the 2nd round, but did not carry on for the 3rd round and beyond - Fixed an issue where unit skills were consuming more SP than normal

200,000 Members Milestone Campaigns

2nd Campaign :

(Until 21st January) - +20% silver gained upon stage completion

3rd Campaign:

(14th Jan~28th Jan) Two variations of units added to silver gatcha that when discharged, give more silver than usual - 20x Silver Dorothéa (ドロテア) gives 2000 silver upon discharge - 200x Silver Aurélia(オレリア)gives 20,000 silver upon discharge 4th Campaign: (21st Jan~4th Feb) - 20% less silver costs on upgrading equipment